We are a Business-To-Business Barter & Trade network

that facilitates the trading of goods and services among its 36,000 members
helping you bring in new customers, generate stronger cash flow and increase your buying power.

Maintain a competitive edge, rethink the way you do business!

Conserve cash

Every time you complete a trade transaction, you did not have to pay cash out of your pocket for that product or service - every trade dollar you spend is a cash dollar saved!

Generate more customers

Many companies utilize leverage in creating trade dollars to get exposure to a new set of business partners and buyers.

Turn excess into profit

Have excess inventory, unfilled seats, unsold advertising space or extra time? Trading the things you don't need for the ones you actually do need!

Harness your Purchasing Power

Use your goods or services to make the purchases you want or need while you grow your business in both, good times & bad!

When I first heard about bartering for goods/services, I was initially put off by the idea, however, after I realized how many tens of thousands of bartering options are available through Jacksonville Barter, I quickly became a fan of it, after all, that is how it used to be in the old days.

- Mark Adkins

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1How does Jacksonville Barter work?
Members of the Jacksonville Barter use trade credits instead of cash to do business together. If a member trades one thousand dollars of goods and services to another trade member, that member will receive one thousand dollars in trade credit, which can then be used to purchase a variety of goods and services from other members of the Jacksonville Barter. Hotel rooms, resorts, restaurants, advertising, printing and many other goods and services can be obtained with trade credits. Jacksonville Barter is a third party record keeper that sends monthly statements to each member reflecting their purchases, sales and current balance.
2What are the advantages of Trading?
Trade produces new business and allows you to expand your market. Secondly, trade conserves cash. Instead of spending cash to purchase needed goods and services, you can trade your own goods and services. Therefore, cash stays in your business for other purposes. Finally, trade lets you put idle resources to work. Excess time, excess inventory and excess capacity are converted into needed goods or services.
3What other companies are involved in barter?
Nationally, there are over 300,000 businesses, most of them small, currently involved in commercial barter. Based on present trends, 1.2 million businesses will be engaged in barter in North America within decade. It is estimated that 75% of the Fortune 500 Companies engage in barter in some form or another
4 Why is the Jacksonville Barter unique?
The Jacksonville Barter Company represents over 10 years of combined experience serving trade clients. Our knowledgeable staff makes us the organization with which to trust your trade management, trade brokering and trade accounting needs now and throughout the coming years.
5What does it cost to join Jacksonville Barter?
Join our network now for FREE and enjoy all of the benefits of a paid membership, which provides access to your mobile App, 30,000+ member profiles, your own page and the ability to trade with any member in our network. The trade fee is only 7.5%!
6I already trade on my own; why should I join Jacksonville Barter?
The problem with one-to-one trading is each business must want or need what the other business has to offer in equal dollar amounts. Fortunately, at Jacksonville Barter, everyone can trade with any other trading member of the Marketplace.
7How can I spend my trade?
Make a list of your needs. List everything you normally spend cash on. Do not limit yourself to one or two time item purchases. Use your checkbook as a memory tool. Also, think of your personal needs. If you regularly take cash out of the business for personal living expenses, travel or home improvements -- you should consider using the trade income you have accumulated, and save your cash for goods and services the barter network cannot easily acquire.
8How does Jacksonville Barter Profit?
Jacksonville Barter collects a small fee on each transaction, typically 7.5% cash and 2.5% barter dollars from both the buyer and the seller. These fees are necessary to maintain the operating costs of the exchange.
9How will other members find out about me?
One of our jobs is to promote your business to other members. Jacksonville Barter can help promote your goods or services to other members via our our weekly broadcasts, direct connection with business owners, networking groups, social media profiles, member's directory, e-mailing lists, website access and direct contact.

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